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Complete your enrolment for studying offshore

The following information will help guide new international students preparing to study online or by distance at Otago.

Starting at university might seem a little daunting, but we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Follow the steps below to complete your enrolment, and make sure you check the key dates for important deadlines.

Are you an online or distance student?

  • Distance learning offers programmes and papers designed to be delivered by distance
  • Online learning is where a selection of programmes and papers, that would normally only be delivered on-campus, are being temporarily delivered online in order to support students that are unable to attend classes in person due to COVID‑19

You can also study a mixture of online and distance programmes.

If you have any questions, contact our Student Development team for advice:

Step 1 – Accept your admission offer in eVision

Accept your admission offer in eVision so that we know you will be starting studies at Otago and we can get ready to welcome you.

Step 2 – Technical requirements

All students must ensure they have appropriate computing resources.

Step 3 – Plan your degree

Planning your degree might seem pretty confusing and you may not even know where to start. All students studying offshore are required to contact our Student Development team who will work through the best possible degree plan for you – so you’ll be confident and excited about your studies ahead.

Contact Student Development:

Step 4 – Pick your papers


Now you have accepted your offer and planned your degree, it is time to pick your papers. Students studying online are required to get approval for their papers through the Student Development team – you cannot pick your papers via eVision like students on campus.

Due to the requirements for enrolling in online study, it is important that you carefully select the papers you would like to take in 2022 as it may be difficult to make changes at a later date.

Complete this form to select your papers.

Once you have completed the form, Student Development will contact you to confirm the papers you wish to take and answer any questions you might have.


Those studying distance papers can select their papers via eVision. When selecting your papers in eVision, note that distance papers have the code DNEA in the Occ (occurance) column, while on-campus papers have the code DNIA. You must pick DNEA if want to study the paper by distance, otherwise you will be considered an on-campus student.

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Step 5 – Pay your tuition fees

Your Offer of Place will include an estimate of the tuition fees you will pay. We cannot tell you exactly what you will pay until you have picked your papers.

Students studying offshore are eligible for a waiver of the Student Services Fee.

Further information about paying tuition fees.

Step 6 – Compulsory offshore international enrolment and orientation seminar

Before your enrolment can be completed, you must attend an offshore international enrolment and orientation seminar. This seminar is compulsory – you cannot commence studying at Otago without attending one.

Register now for an offshore international enrolment and orientation seminar.

You will be given a virtual welcome pack which includes an electronic copy of Otago’s International Student Handbook.

Important note: If your offer states that you will be studying by Distance, you need to attend the orientation run by your academic department. Contact your Programme Co-ordinator for more information.

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Step 7 – Identity documentation

Before you attend your compulsory international student enrolment and orientation seminar, you will need to email a certified copy of your passport to

Details about what you need to provide for the certified copy of your passport.

The certified copy will then be forwarded to the Visa, Admissions and ID Verification teams to process. You will be contacted within 24 hours of the seminar if there are any issues with your enrolment.

Step 8 – Course declaration

Once you have proved your identity, have attended your orientation session and have had your papers approved by the Student Development team, an email will be sent to your student email address informing you that there is a message in your eVision portal.

When you login to eVision, the message will let you know that you can course declare.

Once you have course declared you will have full access to University online resources – welcome to Otago!

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Do you have questions?

If you have questions, contact AskOtago who will answer your question or put you in touch with someone that can.

Search AskOtago’s knowledge base of frequently asked questions.


Other useful information

Student visas

Students currently living and studying offshore can commence study online with the University of Otago without first obtaining a student visa.


Students currently living and studying offshore are not required to be insured so will not be charged for our recommended insurance policy Studentsafe.  If you receive an invoice, this will be in error so simply email us to get that removed.


Distance learning

Students studying programmes and papers delivered by distance can select papers in eVision.

Programmes and papers delivered by distance.

Select papers in eVision.

Information on how to identify and add distance learning papers.

Help – university has a whole new language!

If you are confused about what words mean, or what you need to do, go to the Prepare to Enrol pages.

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Learn more about your study timetable with our handy video and other information.

Important information for first-year students

Otago’s website includes a section dedicated to first-year students, where you will find plenty of useful information.


Depending on the papers you are enrolled in, Otago uses Blackboard and Moodle to keep in touch with students in the class and share important resources. You will also be part of the International Students Blackboard page where we share important news and information just for international students.

If you have not seen the International Students 2022 link appear in your Blackboard homepage by the end of the first week of lectures, contact our support team.


US Financial Aid

You may be eligible for U.S. Financial Aid if you are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.

Information about U.S. Financial Aid.

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