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Do you have an innovative idea to solve a global challenge? You could win the chance to present your idea at an international competition to win CAD$30,000!

Why join the Challenge?

The World's Challenge Challenge is an exciting way to engage in discussion and debate about world issues such as climate change and poverty, and to bring your own ideas to the table. Global change starts with one idea, one discussion. Who knows where it may lead?

Why participate?

Who can participate

  • Current University of Otago undergraduate and postgraduate students of good standing.
  • Participating teams must consist of 2 to 4 members, ideally from different disciplines.
  • Teams are encouraged to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds or areas of study.

How to apply

  • Complete the form:
    2023 WCC application form (PDF)
    Email it to
  • Submit a 3-minute presentation video explaining your overall idea and the solution your team is addressing. Save video under your team's name and share the file with Google Drive.
  • The 2023 application deadline was 15 March 2023. 2024 dates TBC.

2024 Application Timeline

TBC Applications close
TBC The winning team is announced!
June 2024 The winning team participates in the International World's Challenge Challenge hosted by Western University, Canada for a chance to win CAN$30,000!

The International Challenge

  • The 2023 World's Challenge Challenge Final will be held in June. Western University will be hosting a hybrid, in-person and virtual, competition in 2023. The Otago winning team will participate in this competition virtually.
  • Teams need to think of a global issue and/or challenge that the world is facing and present their unique solution to a panel of judges. You are encouraged to refer to the Global Goals page when choosing the global challenge that your team will tackle.
  • 2023 entry requirements are yet to be finalized. 2022 requirements: "Teams will be asked to submit two video submissions – one for a semi-final round and one for the final round. The first should be a 3-minute presentation that explains the solution (this will be used for the semi-finals). The other video should be 5-7 minutes and will be presented to judges should the team advance to the finals. Teams in the finals will also participate in a live Q&A session with judges via Zoom (or similar). Video pitches should be presented just as they would be if they were in person (ie. not overly edited and produced, but basically just team members all participating in an online session that is recorded)".
  • WCC Rules and presentation requirements
  • Application and progression
  • Each presentation will be judged using the World's Challenge Challenge scoring rubric (PDF)
  • Resources to help you prepare
  • Prizes

    World's Challenge Challenge winners

  1. First Place: CAD$30,000
  2. Second Place: CAD$15,000
  3. Third Place:CAD$7,500

The intention for prize money is to help further develop the proposed solution and support implementation.

Do you need team members?

We created a closed Facebook group to allow you to connect with other Otago students.

Ask to join: Otago WCC – find a team member

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