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Frequently Asked Questions

How many papers can I do?

54-72 points per semester (three or four papers) can be regarded as an average course load.  Typically, one paper is worth 18 points.  54 points is the minimum course load to maintain full-time status for one semester.  18 points is the minimum course load to maintain full-time status for Summer School.

If you are applying for two semesters of study you will need to select papers for both semesters.

How do study levels work at Otago?

Papers are grouped in levels, and levels 100-300 are undergraduate.  In a general sense, 100-level papers are suited to 1st year students, 200-level papers are suited to 2nd year students and so on.  It is possible, however, to apply for approval to take papers that are above your 'normal' level, if you feel you have the required academic background.

What papers can I study?

Subjects and papers offered at Otago

Normally, you will not be permitted to take papers from the following degree schedules: Dentistry, Medicine, Medical Laboratory Science, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy.

Papers numbered 200-300 normally require the fulfilment of academic prerequisites at your home institution.  Papers numbered above 300 level are postgraduate papers.  You will need to have an advanced background to be accepted for these papers.  If the papers you are considering have prerequisites, you will need to seek pre-approval to take them.  You can check online if a paper has specific prerequisites.

You can only take papers which are taught in the semester you are applying to study in.  If you are unsure whether your paper is offered at the right time or not search for the paper number on our website to check.

A number of papers are listed as "full year".  You may enrol for these papers only if you intend to enrol for two semesters commencing in the first semester (February).

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