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What to bring

Library staircase

It is important to be well prepared for your time at the University of Otago. 

We recommend that you bring

  • All your travel documents such as tickets, passport, travel and medical insurance certificate (if you have purchased a compliant policy other than Studentsafe), driver’s licence, copies of your birth certificate and any necessary academic records
  • Money, traveller cheques and credit cards.  Make sure that you have a small amount of New Zealand money for immediate costs (such as airport costs or transport) upon your arrival.  Foreign Exchange Offices are available at all international airport terminals in New Zealand
  • Medical or optical prescriptions, translated into English
  • Warm clothing (including a warm and waterproof jacket) as the weather in Dunedin can change quickly even during summer. 

Remember to put all important documents in your hand luggage.
It is a good idea to keep a photocopy of your birth certificate and passport in your checked luggage and leave a copy with a family member or friend back home just in case.

You may also wish to bring

  • A few of your favourite photos of family and friends and small ‘familiar’ objects to help personalise your new living space
  • A sleeping bag may be useful for bedding when you first arrive and also for holiday trips
  • If you bring electrical items you may wish to make sure you bring the appropriate adaptor plug and voltage converter.  The New Zealand power system is 240 volts, 50 hertz.

Items you shouldn't bring to New Zealand

Start your study in New Zealand the right way by not carrying banned biosecurity items in your luggage. New Zealand has very strict laws to protect our environment and industries from pests and diseases.

Don’t pack:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Food (cooked, uncooked, fresh, preserved, packaged or dried)
  • Plant products

There are also prohibited Customs items you can't bring into New Zealand. If you are unsure if you can bring an item, declare it when you land in New Zealand. By doing the right thing and declaring, you will avoid a $400 fine.

To find out more visit the Biosecurity and Customs New Zealand websites: