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Use this form to request a Network Outlet to be activated/deactivated so that a computer/device can access the University network.

If you wish to have an outlet on the Future State Network activated/deactivated, please contact your departmental IT Support.

Please allow 5 working days for this request to be completed.

To request the activation of a network port for a phone, please complete the Phone Extension form.

Fields marked with an * are required.

Applicant Details
Outlet Details Close

Change Type ?

The type of change required

Deactivate - Port is not going to be used any more

Modify - Change the Port type or details

Fault - Report that something is wrong and needs to be fixed


Network Outlet Location

The location of the Network Outlet

e.g. - below South Window


Network Outlet

The number of the Network Outlet

If Change Type is New - put N/A in this field

e.g AA216


Device Type

What device types will be connected to the new outlets ?


Require Quote ?

Do you require a quote before proceeding with this work ?


Account Code

An Account Code for the work to be done, also for recordkeeping

e.g GL10....... / PL.......


Building Location

The location of your building, sorted by Building Name

Select the correct building for your Location/ Outlet


Building Location

Type in your Building Name / Building Address is not listed above


Floor #

What floor is the Outlet on ?


Office #

What is the Office Room Number where to Outlet is situated ?


Outlet Location Description

A Description of where the port is in the room

This is shown in the charges report

e.g. Right hand side of room, under white table.


Network Type

A Description of what type of network you want to change to

Staff/Corporate - Normal Staff/Corporate Network, choose this if unsure.

Student Network Service (SNS) - Student Network, (Will not be able to access Staff Printers/Servers)

UO-GUEST - Guest Network, (You will have to get a Username/Password from the Service Desk/Department)

UO-EXTERNAL - External Network, (External Staff - Seperate from Staff Network)

Other - Please specify details



Specific Notes for the relevant ITS Teams

E.g. - If requiring an EFTPOS terminal or anything out of the ordinary

Human Check

Please complete the below to prove you are human*