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Multi-Choice Exam Marking Request


  • Please allow 5 working days for your exam to be marked.
  • Exams are to be delivered to and collected from ITS Reception, 51 Clyde Street between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
  • When you pick up exams that have been marked, these must be signed for.

Preparing for successful scanning

Before the exam

To help ensure that the scanning of the completed answer sheets is as accurate as possible please:

  • Don't use any blank answer sheets you have left over from previous tests/exams. This is because once out of their plastic wrapping, the sheets absorb moisture and become more difficult to feed through the scanner. Fresh sheets will be supplied for your test/exam.
  • Familiarise your students with how to fill in their answers on the sheets. It's important that students:
    • Read and follow the information on the left hand side of the answer sheet.
    • Enter their own Student ID – not the example one (935227) given on the sheet.
    • Fill in the circle for their chosen answer completely and neatly using a 2B pencil. If changing an answer, use an eraser to cleanly erase the previous answer.
    • Don't make any marks between/around the black squares on the bottom left corner and along the bottom of the answer sheet. These are used by the scanner to correctly align the sheet as it is fed through so that the ID and answers are where it's expecting to read them.

After the exam

Once the exam is finished, collate the completed answer sheets for delivery to ITS:

  • Put the master answer sheet on the top of the pile. Do not include any other material (e.g. sticky notes, exam questions, etc.).
  • All the forms should be presented up the same way and kept as flat/smooth as possible
  • Forms punched with a hole in the top right corner can interlock with the following pages and jam in the scanner. In particular, if the hole has been snipped or ripped to remove the plastic tag that attaches it to other documentation or is otherwise damaged, please trim that corner so the form doesn't jam the scanner. However, don’t cut too close to the top question in that column (number 41). If it is cut too close, the form will not scan at all. If in doubt, check with us before cutting.
  • If at all possible please check that the students have filled in the corresponding numbers of their student ID number on the answer forms. If forms have no student ID number this may cause a delay in processing.

Multi-choice exam marking request form

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