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Syncplicity Sync & Share

Syncplicity Sync & Share is a file synchronisation and sharing service provided by ITS which allows University of Otago staff (and other designated users) to securely share files with others and across different desktop computer systems and mobile devices.

What Syncplicity Sync & Share offers

  • Secure file sharing with other staff and organisations around the globe.
  • Encrypted, replicated storage in the University of Otago data centres.
  • Synchronising of files between systems, storage and mobile devices.
  • The ability to manage your files anytime, from anywhere.

What can I use Syncplicity Sync & Share for?

  • Sharing research data securely, no matter where researchers are located.
  • Storing and sharing medical and health sciences data (can be certified as secure from end to end).
  • Storing and sharing very large files.
  • Storing and sharing sensitive financial, commercial or human resources files.
  • Ensuring that all versions of a file on different systems and devices are always identical and up to date.

How Syncplicity Sync & Share works

  1. Apply to use Syncplicity Sync & Share via the Ask IT Customer Portal:

    - Otago Staff Syncplicity Request form
    - Otago Postgraduate Student Syncplicity Request form

    Log in with your University username and password and the form will be pre-populated with your contact details. Make sure that you have Flash enabled in your web browser.
    You will need to supply your full name, your University username and email address, and advise whether or not you will be using the service for research purposes, and for the storage/sharing of confidential information.
  2. Use the link emailed to you to register your Syncplicity Sync & Share account. You will be asked to enter the University email address you used to apply for the Syncplicity Sync & Share services as well as your University of Otago username:

    - some staff may need to use the format 'registry\[username]'
    - people with external usernames should use the format 'registry\[username]'
    - postgraduate students should use the format 'student\[username]')

    Then enter the password associated with your username.
  3. Under the Install tab, find and download the appropriate Syncplicity client software for your computer or device. Please note that Syncplicity should not be installed onto network drives, so if the installer tries to save to your network drive (e.g. your H: drive) you will need to choose another location.
    Find out more about Syncplicity and network file shares (such as Celerra or HCS)
  4. Nominate the files and folders you want to synchronise with Syncplicity Sync & Share by right-clicking on them, selecting Syncplicity in the menu and choosing 'Add Folder:'.
  5. Syncplicity Sync & Share then takes a synchronised copy of your nominated files and securely stores them in the University of Otago data centres.

You can use Syncplicity Sync & Share to share nominated files and folders with others securely and generate secure sharing links.

The University of Otago Syncplicity Sync & Share online file browser gives you secure access to your Syncplicity Sync & Share nominated files and folders and their sharing settings.

Syncplicity Sync & Share information flyer (.pdf, 91KB)

Syncplicity Sync & Share Tip Sheet (.pdf, 73KB)

University of Otago Syncplicity Sync & Share security policy features (.pdf, 2MB)

Syncplicity client software for Syncplicity Sync & Share is available for the following systems:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and Windows Mobile)
  • Mac OS X 10.7+
  • iOS 5.0+
  • Android

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about Syncplicity Sync & Share