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Print Devices

Student printing

Please see the Student Printing page if you are a student using the University of Otago’s student printing service and needing information about how to print or if you are having problems printing.

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Staff printing

Please contact AskOtago if you are a staff member needing information about how to print or if you are having problems printing to your area’s print devices.

Uniprint provides University of Otago departments cost-effective and quality printing services for large volumes of printing.

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Choosing the right print device

The new types of print devices in use at the University are designed to replace existing desktop printers and office photocopiers.

The University of Otago uses the All of Government (AoG) contract for obtaining print devices. The print device contract is managed by Uniprint. All print devices are leased from the vendor and departments are only charged for the number of pages printed.

Uniprint will help you with:

  • defining your print device requirements and what you need to consider
  • everything you need to know about planning for the installation of your print device.

Use the Print Device form to start the process of getting a new print device or to upgrade your existing one.

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Getting help

If you have any problem with your print device or printing to it from your computer, please contact AskOtago for assistance. To help them resolve your problem/question as quickly as possible, please have the following information ready when you talk to them (or include it in your email):

  • the print device number
  • the serial number of the print device
  • the location of the print device (e.g. room number and building)
  • information about the problem in as much detail as you can (e.g. if there is an error message/code showing, include what it says/shows).

The print device number and serial number are on the label attached to the print device.

Please also see the AskOtago Knowledgebase for more help with printing.

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Moving or disposing of your print device

AskOtago can provide advice and supply you with the Print Device form that needs to be completed before removing or relocating any print device.

You can also download the Print Device form from the AskOtago Knowledgebase.

Please do not move or unplug any device. This will be done for you by the vendor. For disposal requests, they will perform any security decomissioning that's needed and erase information from the print device's hard disk before removing the device from the University of Otago.

It may take up to two weeks for your request to be completed.

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Further information

Please contact AskOtago if you have questions about who to contact for purchasing and support of your equipment.

Do you have a question? Please see the AskOtago Knowledgebase for more help with printing.

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