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Using Finance One with Mac OS

Installing Mac Citrix Client Software

Step 1: Download the Citrix Receiver Installer to your Desktop

Download the Citrix Receiver and select 'Save' when prompted. Navigate to your desktop and save the file.

To download the Mac Citrix Receiver Installer:

  1. Open Map Network Drive on your Mac by going to Finder and pressing Option + K.
  2. Enter the following in the server address field: smb://
  3. Press Enter. When prompted for your username and password, enter your University username in this format: registry\<username> (without brackets) and your associated University password.
  4. Navigate to the /Installers/C/Citrix/Mac folder
  5. Check that your version of Mac OS is compatible with the available version of Citrix Receiver (the name of the installer contains the Mac OS versions it covers).
  6. Double-click on 'Citrix Receiver....dmg' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation – see Step 2 below.

Important: if you are using Firefox you will need to configure the Firefox Citrix Receiver Plugin to ‘Always Activate’ after the installation is complete. Please contact AskOtago if you have problems or need assistance with any of the above.

If you try to install the Citrix Receiver by clicking on the 'Install' link this will take you to the Citrix webpage. However this may require that you install a Java applet (not recommended) before you can install the Citrix Receiver.


Step 2: Installing the Macintosh Citrix Receiver

When you double-click on 'CitrixReceiver.dmg', you will see the disk image below mounted on your desktop.


Go to your desktop and double-click the Citrix Receiver image to open up the following window.

Two icons: Install Citrix Receiver.pkg and Uninstall Citrix Receiver

Double-click on 'Install Citrix Receiver.pkg'. Click on 'Continue' when the window below comes up.

Citrix Receiver Installer window

Click 'Agree' to accept the software license agreement.

Popup window asking if you Agree or Disagree with the terms of the software licence.

Type in your usual local computer username and password, and click 'Install Software'.

Popup requiring authentication on local computer

When the software has finished installing, you should see the following window asking for an email address. Click 'Cancel' as this is not required.

CitrixReceiver asking for work email or server address

Step 3: Log on to Citrix

Go to: and log on using your University of Otago username and password. (You may want to bookmark or drag and drop this link to your desktop for future use).

Citrix Logon

Click on the Finance One icon.

The Finance One icon on the Citrix webpage.

After a short delay, you should see the Finance One login dialogue box. Log in to Finance One using your University username and password, with Domain set to 'Registry'.

Log on to Finance One


Please contact AskOtago if you need help with installing or using Citrix on your Mac computer.