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Sophos Endpoint Security is virus detection and removal software. It is centrally funded by the University for use on University-owned devices at no additional cost.

Installing Sophos Endpoint Security on University-owned devices


Sophos Endpoint Security software can be downloaded from the its-software Network Attached Storage (NAS). Instructions for accessing the NAS can be found at the link below:

Software downloads

Once you have accessed the NAS, go to Licensed\Sophos\Windows\Windows-for_University_Owned_Device\Sophos Endpoint\install.


Mac computers that are centrally managed via JAMF will have Sophos Endpoint Security installed and updated automatically. Follow the steps below to check whether your Mac is enrolled in JAMF:

  1. Go to the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your screen.
  2. Open System Preferences.
  3. Look for the "Profiles" icon (pictured below).

    Profiles icon in Mac System Preferences image

If the Profiles icon is present, your Mac is enrolled in JAMF, and Sophos has already been installed.

If you don't see the Profiles icon, you will need to enrol your device in JAMF for Sophos to be installed or upgraded. Contact Desktop Support via the AskOtago Service Portal to enrol your machine in JAMF.

Visit the AskOtago Service Portal

System requirements and terms of use

System requirements and supported operating systems for Windows and macOS are listed on the Sophos website.

University-supplied Sophos Endpoint Security software is only for use on University-owned computers.

Personally-owned devices

You can download Sophos Endpoint Security for your personal devices for free from the Sophos website.

Sophos free tools

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