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Meetings held since the formation of the Kidney in Health and Disease Research Network

30th Renal Meeting

June 9, 2016

  • Colin Hutchison, Hawkes Bay District Health Board and Medical Director of  Kidney Health, New Zealand, Middle molecules in dialysis patients
  • Stephen Bird, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Melbourne, Does intracellular calcium mediate in mechanisms of cell differentiation? 
  • Luke Wilson, Department of Medicine, Endovascular renal denervation in dialysis-dependent renal failure 12 month update
  • Max Reid, Kidney Health New Zealand, An introduction to kidney health
  • Michael Jennings, Zoe Ashley and Martin Fronius, Department of Physiology, Ultrastructure of mesenteric arteries
  • Matthew Page, summer student, The accuracy of ethnicity data recording
  • Ryder Fuimaono, summer student, Samoan patients’ pathways to renal services – a paired case study
  • Kate Thomas, School of Physical Education and Department of Surgery, Cardiovascular responses to heating in peripheral arterial disease
  • Jim Cotter, School of Physical Education, Current exercise trends: How do the brain and kidney fare?



29th Renal Meeting and launch of the Chronic Kidney Disease module

November 26, 2015

  • Launch of Chronic Kidney Disease Module: Hon Peter Dunne, Associate Minister of Health
  • Alan Davidson, Department of Molecular Medicine, University of  Auckland, Modeling human kidney formation and disease with renal organoids
  • Fiona McDonald, Martin Fronius, Department of Physiology,  ENaC meeting in Switzerland
  • Adam Ware, Department of Physiology, Department of Physiology, COMMD10: A novel regulator of ENaC trafficking?
  • Daniel Wright, Isabelle Kuan, Tracey Putt, Rob Walker, Stephen Duffull, School of Pharmacy and Department of Medicine   Are conventional methods for measuring isotopic glomerular filtration rate really the gold standard?
  • Zoe Ashley, Department of Physiology, Blood vessel dysfunction in hypertension – Spironolactone helps…..Yes but no or maybe?
  • Michael Bates, Cherie Stayner, Department of Pathology, Methylation and drug delivery in polycystic kidney disease



28th Renal Meeting

2 July 2015

  • Sarah Derrett, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, So how are we doing today?: Predictors of self-reported health status after one year of dialysis
  • Tania Huria, Department of Medicine, CSM, Investigating health system perspectives of disparities for Māori in Aotearoa, using chronic kidney disease as a case study
  • Suetonia Palmer, Department of Medicine, CSM, How can we figure out whether a treatment works when we have 150 research trials: Network meta-analysis; a new tool for dealing with information overload
  • Rachel Walker, Hawkes Bay District Health Board, Understanding patients and caregivers dialysis modality decision-making
  • Leunie van der Tholen, Radboud University and Department of Medicine, Towards better treatment for lithium-induced Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus.
  • Phil Heyward, Department of Physiology, Might lithium and insulin share a neuromodulatory pathway in the brain?

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27th Renal Meeting

12 February 2015

  • Maurie Luetkemeier, Alma College, USA, What's the big deal about hypervolemia?
  • Ali Davies, How should we measure hydration?
  • Zoe Ashley, Department of Physiology, Pressure Myography: demonstrating the capability of the new vascular biology technique
  • James Strickland, Departments of Pharmacology, Comparison of spironolactone and felodipine in hypertensive transgenic rats
  • Dan Wright, School of Pharmacy, Allopurinol dosing in patients with renal failure
  • Luke Wilson, Department of Medicine, How to quantify a successful renal denervation?

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26th Theme Meeting (10th anniversary)

4 December 2014

  • John Leader, Department of Medicine, Lithium and chronic kidney disease.
  • Simon Thornton, School of Physical Education and University of Lorraine, Hydration in health and disease.
  • Victoria Hall, Department of Physiology, Involvement of NMDA receptors in renal proximal tubular protection against lithium-induced fibrosis.
  • Martin Fronius, Department of Physiology, Connection to the extracellular matrix is required for shear stress regulation of ENaC.
  • Rob Walker, Department of Medicine, Insulin resistance in Chronic Kidney Disease.

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25th Theme Meeting

28-29 August 2014
Rydges Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand

A satellite of the Queenstown Molecular Biology Meetings with The Kidney In Health and Disease Research Theme, University of Otago, and the Renal Scientists Group of the Australia and New Zealand Society of Nephrology.

Intrarenal signalling

  • Guest Speaker: Bellamakonda Kishore, University of Utah, USA. Targeting renal purinergic signalling for the treatment of lithium-induced NDI.
  • David M. Small, Washington Y. Sanchez, Sandrine F. Roy, Christudas Morais, David W. Johnson, Glenda C. Gobe. University of Queensland, Australia. N-Acetyl-Cysteine may enhance chronic kidney pathology following Acute Kidney Injury.
  • McDonald, F.J., Cheung, T., Liu, Y-F., Swart, M., Ly, K., University of Otago, New Zealand. Multiple COMMD proteins alter the trafficking of the epithelial sodium channel, ENaC.
  • Vishal Diwan, G. Gobe, L. Brown, University of Queensland, Australia. Use of a well-characterised animal model of chronic kidney disease to test therapies.
  • Guest Speaker: Peter Deen, Radboud University, The Netherlands. Lithium-induced nephrogenic diabetes insipidus: from mechanistic insight to improved treatment?

General Nephrology

  • Harrison, J.C., Diwan, V., Larsen, L., Hewitt, R., Stanley, S. , Kueh, B., Larsen, D., Sammut, I.A. Departments of Pharmacology and Toxicology and Chemistry, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Novel organic carbon monoxide releasing molecules to improve renal transplant outcomes.
  • Lau, X., Zhang, Y., Stapleton, D.I., Langham, R.G., Kelly, D.J. University of Melbourne, The Florey Institute, Australia. PDE4 Roflumilast attenuated renal decline in a rat model of chronic kidney disease.
  • Fay Lin Khong, Hannah Skehan, Darren J. Kelly, Amanda J. Edgley University of Melbourne, Australia. The
    identification and characterization of a novel anti-inflammatory receptor target in the diabetic kidney.
  • Heather, A.K., McGrath, K.C.Y., Li, X., University of Otago, New Zealand, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, Dezhou People's Hospital, Dezhou, China. Anti-diabetic effects of apolipoprotein mimetic peptides.

Diabetes and the kidney

  • Garth Cooper, University of Auckland, New Zealand. A new theory of the diabetic complications.
  • Patrick Manning, University of Otago, New Zealand. Obesity and the brain.
  • Darren Kelly, University of Melbourne, Australia. Molecules to medicine development drugs for chronic kidney disease. 

Exercise and the kidney

  • Guest Speaker: Jeff Coombes, University of Queensland, Australia. Exercise and antioxidant-induced alterations in redox homeostasis: implications for kidney disease.
  • Jim Cotter, University of Otago, New Zealand. Hydrating for health and performance in exercise: Should humans drink ad libitum?
  • Akerman, A. P., Thomas, K.N., Lucas, S.J.E., Cotter, J.D. University of Otago, New Zealand; University of Birmingham, England. Optimising cardiovascular conditioning: muscular activity, heat and dehydration?
  • Simon Thornton, University of Lorraine, France Homer Smith revisited, or a theoretical approach to what could be wrong with sodium regulation today.

General nephrology

  • Pinnapureddy, A.R., Pilanthananond, M., Lett, B., Horsfield, J.A., Markie, D.M., Poole, C.A., Slobbe, L., Wiles, A., Walker, R.J., Johnstone, A.C., McEwan, J.C., Stayner, C., Eccles, M.R.. University of Otago, Massey University, AgResearch, New Zealand. Functional studies of the ciliopathy gene, MKS3, in zebrafish embryos.
  • Hans Peter Marti, University of Bergen, Norway. Novel biomarkers in kidney disease.
  • David Nikolic-Paterson, Monash University, Australia. The ASK1/p38 signalling pathway in renal fibrosis.

Glomerular function and disease

  • Guest Speaker: Richard Coward, University of Bristol, England. Insulin signalling to the glomerular podocyte: a complex story.
  • Guest Speaker: Richard Kitching, Monash University, Australia. An integrated approach to defining the pathogenesis of ANCA-associated vasculitis.
  • Eggenhuizen, P.J., Ooi, J.D., Kitching A.R., Monash University, Australia. The generation of myeloperoxidase-specific MHC class II-restricted ??TCR transgenic mice.
  • Poronnik, P., Chen, X.M., Chunling Huang, C., Day, M.L., van der Made, C., Pollock, C. University of Sydney, Australia; Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, The Netherlands. Novel roles for K+ channels in diabetic nephropathy.
  • van der Made, C., Saunders, D., Poronnik, P. University of Sydney, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia; Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, The Netherlands. Bound for breakdown: exploring the kidney ubiquitome.

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24th Theme Meeting

12 June 2015

Research meeting:

  • Aaron Jeffs, Department of Biochemistry, Nanostring technology for direct multiplexed molecule measurement.
  • Rajesh Katare, Department of Physiology, microRNAs as diagnostic markers for early detection of diabetic heart disease.
  • Luke Wilson and Genevieve Wilson (travel awards), Department of Medicine, Experimental Biology, 2014.
  • Ruth Empson, Department of Physiology, The Health Research Multiphoton Microscope at Otago.
  • Jim Cotter, School of Physical Education, Brainless science? The physiological and functional effects of dehydration.
  • Kate Thomas (travel award), Department of Surgery, RACS Singapore 2014.
  • Suetonia Palmer, Department of Medicine, CSM, What on earth is a meta-analysis (good for)?

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23rd Theme Meeting

20 February 2014

Research meeting:

  • Genevieve Wilson, Department of Medicine, The effect of renal ablation on muscle sympathetic nervous activity (MSNA) in chronic kidney failure patients
  • Dan Wright, School of Pharmacy, Model-based dosing for renally cleared drugs
  • Igor Meglinski, Department of Physics, Optical biopsy with circularly polarized laser light
  • John Leader, Department of Medicine, Mechanisms of isotonic fluid flow – revisiting an unsolved mystery
  • Rosalind Cook and Regis Lamberts, Department of Physiology, Beta-2 adrenoceptor function on hemodynamics in conscious type 2 diabetic ZDF rats
  • Martin Fronius, Department of Physiology, Shear force regulates the activity of epithelial Na+ channels
  • Tracey Putt, Department of Medicine, Drug dosing in the elderly: the impact of age and tubular function
  • Mark Marshall, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, SOLID and beyond

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22nd Theme Meeting

12 December 2013

Triple theme meeting with Gut Health Network and Arhtritis Research:

  • Rob Walker, University of Otago, The Kidney in Health and Disease: an overview
  • Lisa Stamp, Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch, Uric acid the master regulator
  • Michael Schultz, Medicine, University of Otago, The Gut Health Network in its second year - it all starts in the gut!
  • Elizabeth Forbes-Blom, Malaghan Institute, Wellington, IL-25 regulates intestinal homeostasis
  • Richard Kitching, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, What white cells really do in the glomerulus
  • Antony Braithwaite, Pathology, University of Otago, p53 in inflammatory diseases
  • Christine Winterbourn, Department of Pathology, Christchurch Clinical School, University of Otago, Neutrophils and inflammation: reactive oxidants and NET productio
  • Assam El-Osta (Sam), Baker Institute, Melbourne, Australia, Epigenetics of hyperglycemia and diabetic complications
  • Peter Whigham, Information Science and Spatial Information Research Centre, University of Otago, Technology and health data
  • Gareth Treharne, Psychology, University of Otago, The psychology of arthritis and the philosophy of treatment

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21st Theme Meeting

27 June 2013

Renal Research Half Day:

  • Chris Baldi, Department of Medicine, The diabetic heart: The forgotten system in diabetes research
  • Regis Lamberts, Department of Physiology, Sympathetic nerve activity and responsiveness in the diabetic rat heart
  • Carol Bussey, Department of Physiology, Autonomic regulation of cardiac function in conscious and anaesthetised obese rats
  • Rachel Dodd, Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology, University of Auckland, The zebrafish distal kidney: A model for exploring inflammation
  • Catherine Leader, Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology, Rodent breeding 101
  • Tony Poole, Department of Medicine, SEM analysis of cyst contents from polycystic kidneys
  • Vishal Diwan, Department of Pharmacology, Honey in metabolic syndrome: all that glitters is not gold
  • Tim David, School of Engineering, University of Canterbury, Modelling complex physiological phenomena: vascular coupling
  • Zoltan Endre, Department of Medicine, Christchurch and University of New South Wales, Biomarkers of Injury: Stumbling blocks and Solutions

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20th Theme Meeting

28 February 2013

Renal Research Half Day:

  • Fiona McDonald, Department of Physiology, COMMD 10 – a new regulator of protein secretion pathway
  • John Pickering, Department of Medicine, CSM, Beware the unchanging creatinine
  • Andrew Moore, Departments of Medicine and Pathology, Characterisation of meckelin protein in a sheep model of autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease
  • May Pilanthananod, Department of Pathology, Pathogenicity studies of a ciliopathy gene, mks3, in zebrafish embryos
  • John Pickering, Department of Medicine, CSM,? The attack of the kidney (World Kidnay Day is AKI)
  • Priyakshi Kalita, Department of Medicine and Physiology, Does amiloride moduote lithium-induced kidney fibrosis?
  • Mike Jennings, Department of Medicine, The Matrix-Cilium-Golgi-Continuum

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