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The Global Studies major

Global Studies is a multidisciplinary major subject that brings together regional knowledge, language and cultural competencies, and a special area of study to address issues of global significance.

An individualised programme supported by personal mentorship

Global Studies (GS) is a mentored programme that emphasises applied learning. The GS Director/Coordinator - Kaituitui Mātai Ao oversees the selection of a course of study within a specific area of concentration and you will also work closely with one of our Global Studies mentors. 
In your final year, you – with your mentor's guidance and support – will work on individual projects, and will also be offered the opportunity to complete internships with either local or international employers, in governmental institutions, NGOs, and private sectors.

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Key components of the Global Studies major:

  •     The core Global Studies (GLBL) papers
  •     The language-acquisition papers, and
  •     Papers in the area (region and career) you would like to focus on – talk to the Global Studies Director ( about your options

Core Global Studies (GLBL) papers

  • GLBL101 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • GLBL201 or GLBL301 Cultures of the Environment
  • GLBL202 or GLBL302 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age
  • GLBL303 Applied Research/Practicum 

Language acquisition papers

Choose one or more languages to learn.

Please note: if you have previous knowledge of language study, contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable papers.







Regional and career/employment pathways

Talk to the Global Studies director |Kaituitui Mātai Ao, Professor Paola Voci, about your options.

Regional focus papers

Choose two to three papers from one of three regions:

Career pathways papers

Choose three to five papers from the following career pathways:

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Career pathways example tables

To help plan your programme of studies, we have a course planning template and example tables for different major, minor and degree combinations.

Please note: the career pathways tables are provided only as examples. You must contact the Global Studies director ( to work out your own individual programme. 

The career pathways example tables

Programme requirements for Global Studies

Go to the programme requirements for Global Studies

Contact the Global Studies Director | Kaituitui Mātai Ao