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Career pathways papers – Creative industries

Some examples of creative industries careers include:

  • filmmaker
  • creative strategist / manager / consultant / media designer / project coordinator / editor / production assistant
  • creative artist / performer
  • music composer
  • video game developer

100-level papers

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200-level papers

  • GLBL201 Cultures of the Environment
  • GLBL202 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age
  • ASIA201 Asian Popular Cultures
  • ANTH210 Translating Culture
  • ANTH211 Contemporary Ethnographic Research
  • CHIN241 Contemporary Chinese Society
  • CHIN242 Screening Chinese Cinemas
  • DANC201 Contemporary Dance Fusions
  • EDUC252 How People Learn
  • EDUC254 Family Resources, Culture, and Education
  • ENGL233 Literary Theory From Words to Worldviews
  • ENGL220 Creative Writing: Reading for Writers
  • ENGL227 Essay and Feature Writing
  • GEND201 Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GEND206 Gender, Work and Consumer Culture
  • GEND208 Governing Bodies
  • MAOR202 Māori and Tikanga
  • MATS204 Treasure or Trash: Sustainability of Materials
  • MFCO212 Media and Intercultural Communication
  • MUSI268 Performance in Asia and the Pacific
  • MUSI269 Global Pop
  • PERF205 The Creative Industries
  • THEA221 Theatre: Ancient to Contemporary
  • THEA253 Bi-cultural Theatre

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300-level papers

  • GLBL301 Cultures of the Environment (Advanced)
  • GLBL302 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age (Advanced)
  • GLBL303 Applied Research Project
  • HUMS301 Internship Practicum
  • CHIN342 Screening Chinese Cinemas
  • CHIN343 Reading Chinese Literature in the World
  • CLAS344 From Augustus to Nero: Scandal and Intrigue in Imperial Rome
  • CLAS345 Tales of Troy: From Homer to Hollywood
  • DANC301 Contemporary Dance Fusions
  • ENGL332 Postcolonial Literatures
  • ENGL320 Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENGL342 Digital Literature: Technologies of Storytelling
  • ENGL351 Special Topic: 21st Century Fiction: Reading Today's World
  • MANT331 Business Ethics
  • MART333 Creative Marketing Communication
  • MFCO313 Culture, Politics, Policy and Global Media
  • MUSI368 Performance in Asia and the Pacific
  • MUSI340 Performance Studies 3
  • MUSI369 Global Pop
  • THEA322 Theatre of Australasia
  • THEA324 Aspects of Modern Drama and Theatre
  • THEA353 Bi-cultural Theatre

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