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Career pathways papers – Human security and sustainable development

Some examples of careers in human security and sustainable development include:

  • humanitarian relief worker
  • international development consultant
  • human rights advocate
  • human/national security manager/coordinator/analyst/specialist
  • human resources assistant

100-level papers

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200-level papers

  • GLBL201 Cultures of the Environment
  • GLBL202 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age
  • GLBL211 Global China
  • ECON206 The World Economy
  • ECON207 Environmental Economics
  • EDUC211 The Institutions of Childhood
  • EDUC254 Family Resources, Culture, and Education
  • EDUC259 International Perspectives in Education
  • ENVI211 Environmental History of New Zealand
  • GEND201 Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GEND206 Gender, Work and Consumer Culture
  • GEND208 Governing Bodies
  • GEOG210 Social Geography
  • GEOG212 Transformations in Developing Countries
  • GEOG212 Economic Geography of the Post-World War II Era
  • GEOG215 Urban Geography
  • GEOG276 Geographies of Contestation, Action and Change
  • GEOG280 Research Methodology in Human Geography
  • HIST223 Empires and Globalisations
  • HIST245 Global Migrations: from Slavery to Refugees
  • HIST246 Activist Histories: Contesting Settler Colonialism
  • HIST247 Empires Strike Back: A Global History of Decolonization
  • MAOR202 Māori and Tikanga
  • MANT252 Developing Responsible Leadership
  • MATS204 Treasure or Trash: Sustainability of Materials
  • MFCO212 Media and Intercultural Communication
  • PACI201 Contemporary Pacific Island Issues
  • PHIL235 Environmental Philosophy
  • PHIL229 Reason, Belief and the Sacred
  • POLS210 Politics of the Middle East
  • POLS211 Global Political Economy
  • POLS250 International Security in a Globalising World
  • POLS217 War and Politics
  • POLS218 Interventions, Peacekeeping and the Global South
  • POLS228 Contemporary Issues in Global Politics
  • SOCI208 Environmental Sociology
  • TOUR219 Destination Management

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300-level papers

  • GLBL301 Cultures of the Environment (Advanced)
  • GLBL302 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age (Advanced)
  • GLBL303 Applied Research Project
  • HUMS301 Internship Practicum
  • ANTH312 Cultural Politics
  • ANTH322 Conceiving Reproduction
  • ANTH322 Anthropology of Health
  • ENVI311 Understanding Environmental Issues
  • ENVI312 Interdisciplinary Aspects of Climate Change
  • POLS318 Chinese Foreign Policy
  • GEND308 Governing Bodies
  • GEOG374 Economic Geography of the Post-World War II Era
  • GEOG376 Geographies of Contestation, Action and Change
  • GEOG381 Social Geography
  • GEOG382 Transformations in Developing Countries
  • GEOG384 Urban Geography
  • INDV301 Māori and Indigenous Development: Governance and Ethics
  • INDV302 Whakapapa and Marae
  • MANT330 Leadership and Change
  • MANT331 Business Ethics
  • MANT343 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • MANT337 Organisations and Sustainability
  • PHIL335 Why be moral?
  • PACI301 Gafa o Tagata Pasifika - Pacific Diaspora in New Zealand
  • POLS308 United States Foreign Policy since 1945
  • POLS318 Chinese Foreign Policy
  • POLS312 Ethics and International Relations
  • POLS315 Nationalism and Identity
  • POLS325 International Relations: Concepts and Theories
  • SOCI319 The Global Politics of Food
  • SOCI310 Social Movements and Popular Protest

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