Rudolf Steiner

Adrian Anderson

Dramatic Anthroposophy

Identification and contextualization of primary features of Rudolf Steiner's 'anthroposophy' as expressed in his 'Mystery Drama',
Die Pforte der Einweihung
(The Portal of Initiation)

Dramatic Anthroposophy is the first ever academic assessment of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual-esoteric worldview and comprises the first comprehensive critical study of one of Steiner's literary works, of his 'mystery drama', The Portal of Initiation, which is itself a dramatization of an esoteric fairy tale by Johann W. von Goethe, Das Märchen. Academic involvement with Rudolf Steiner's worldview is rare; in recent years there have been some academic papers on the practical application of Steiner's teachings such as education or social therapies.

The identification and contextualization of the primary elements of Steiner's 'anthroposophy' has not been previously attempted academically; this is in part because Steiner's works were viewed as mystical, and because they comprise some 360 volumes in German.

Steiner's drama presents the experiences which befall a student seeking spiritual development, and as such incorporates all of his 'anthroposophical' teachings. In his assessment of the drama, Anderson sheds new light on Goethe, as well as on Steiner's earlier, pre-anthroposophical epistemological theories.