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Career pathways papers – Teaching and learning

Some examples of teaching and learning careers include:

  • cultural/educational/development advisor/consultant/strategist/analyst/support officer
  • academic success/career/instructional coach
  • educational outreach specialist/coordinator/manager/consultant
  • education professional development instructor
  • online language tutor
  • educator
  • community engagement officer/coordinator/manager
  • academic success centre coordinator
  • education content specialist

100-level papers

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200-level papers

  • GLBL201 Cultures of the Environment
  • GLBL202 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age
  • ANTH210 Translating Culture
  • ECON207 Environmental Economics
  • EDUC211 The Institutions of Childhood
  • EDUC252 How People Learn
  • EDUC259 International Perspectives in Education
  • ENGL220 Creative Writing: Reading for Writers
  • ENGL227 Essay and Feature Writing
  • GEND201 Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GEND206 Gender, Work and Consumer Culture
  • MAOR202 Māori and Tikanga
  • MFCO212 Media and Intercultural Communication
  • MUSI268 Performance in Asia and the Pacific
  • PHIL229 Reason, Belief and the Sacred
  • POLS211 Global Political Economy
  • POLS250 International Security in a Globalising World

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300-level papers

  • GLBL301 Cultures of the Environment (Advanced)
  • GLBL302 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age (Advanced)
  • GLBL303 Applied Research Project
  • HUMS301 Internship Practicum
  • DANC301 Contemporary Dance Fusions
  • EDUC307 Child Development
  • EDUC311 Contemporary Understandings of Young Children as Learners
  • EDUC313 Inclusive Education
  • EDUC318 Gender Issues in Education
  • ENGL320 Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENGL342 Digital Literature: Technologies of Storytelling
  • ENGL351 Special Topic: 21st Century Fiction: Reading Today's World
  • INDV301 Māori and Indigenous Development: Governance and Ethics
  • MANT330 Leadership and Change
  • MANT343 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

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