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Law and Medicine Symposium

Saturday 14 May 2016 9:54am

logo_nzlfLast month the Faculty of Law hosted a Law and Medicine Symposium, with the overall goal of facilitating discussion between participants in, and commentators on, health law in New Zealand.

The event was attended by a range of legal academics, practitioners and civil servants, including Professor Loane Skene, Professor Jonathan Herring, Professor Ron Paterson, Dr Jesse Wall, Associate Professor Colin Gavanagh, Professor Nicola Peart, Dr Rhonda Powell and Alison Douglass.

Topics dicussed during the symposium included: Aided death and Seales v Attorney-General, Property and Posthumous Reproduction, Vulnerability, Mental Capacity and the Law, and Accountability of Healthcare Professionals.

It was particularly valuable to have Professor Skene involved in the symposium, where she outlined her research on recent developments on the posthumous use of gametes in the United Kingdom and Australia, identifying the regulatory challenges and emerging common law status of separated bodily material. This was particularly important in highlighting the problems that the New Zealand legal system will need to respond to in the near future.

Thanks go to the New Zealand Law Foundation for their support of the event, and in particular the financial assistance to bring Professor Skene to Otago.