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George Moore

Ulick and Soracha

London: Nonesuch Press, 1926. Stk. PR 5042 U7 1926.

‘The Nonesuch Press remains a stumbling block when it comes to defining the term private press.’ (Cave) It was not in the Arts and Craft tradition of Kelmscott and Doves Press, where most of the work was done by hand, nor did it retain the services of single commercial printer. Founder Francis Meynell maintained that the ‘machine in printing was a controllable tool’ and that the result could be equally fine. He was a designer, an architect of books rather than a builder. Meynell exploited the various printing houses and all their resources to produce many fine books. In 1926, he used T. and A. Constable in Edinburgh to print this first edition of Moore’s Ulick and Soracha; one of eight books printed that year. The copper engraving is by Stephen Gooden. Signed by Moore, it sold for 2 guineas.