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Nonesuch Press

The Nonesuch Century

London: Nonesuch Press, 1936. Stk. + Z 232 NT13.

The Nonesuch Century is a bibliography of the first 100 books issued by the Nonesuch Press between 1923-1934. Compiled by Francis Meynell, A.J.A. Symons, and Desmond Flower, it also contains personal notes about those books made ‘for those among collectors who also use books for reading.’ This is an off-print sheet from their fourteenth book: Genesis: the first chapter of the First Book of Moses, printed in Rudolf Koch’s Neuland type and displaying one (of twelve) illustrations by the artist Paul Nash. This was the first appearance in England of Koch’s famous ‘advertising’ type. This rare book of 750 copies is a recent acquisition to Special Collections.