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Cabinet 11: Chronicles

Annales, or, A Generall Chronicle of England.

John Stow’s first chronicle was published in 1565; he relied on the works of earlier writers for the period up to 1547, and then contributed information from his own records and experience.  Renowned for his historical accuracy, Stow openly accused other chroniclers of plagiarism, but defining the extent to which a chronicler could “borrow” information was clearly not easy. The Annales of England, shown here, was first published in 1592, but this was greatly revised and expanded upon by Stow and others in subsequent editions.

John Stow, Annales, or, A Generall Chronicle of England. Begun by Iohn Stow: Continued and Augmented with Matters Forraigne and Domestique, Ancient and Moderne, vnto the End of this Present Yeere, 1631 (London: Beale, Alsop, Fawcett and Mathewes, 1631) Shoults Ec 1631 S