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Cabinet 15: Translations

The Reply of the Most Illvstriovs Cardinall of Perron.

This translation by Elizabeth Cary, Vicountess of Falkland, was her most controversial work in a life of controversy. When Cary, the mother of ten, converted to Catholicism, her husband attempted to starve her to recant. Instead, she translated Perron’s provocatively Catholic work, with its strident preface: “I will not make vse of the worne-out forme of saying, I printed it against my will, mooued by the importunitie of Friends: I was mooued to it by my beleefe.” Printed in Douai, most copies were burnt on their arrival in England.

Jacques Davy Du Perron, The Reply of the Most Illvstriovs Cardinall of Perron, to the Ansvveare of the Most Excellent King of Great Britain, translated by Elizabeth Cary (Douai: Bogart, 1630) Shoults Fc 1630 D