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Cabinet 18: Chronicles

An Epitome of Frossard.

The Chronicles of Jean Froissart (1337-1410) are one of the greatest contemporary records of fourteenth-century England and France. Compiled between 1361 and 1369, they are remarkable for their reliance on Froissart’s own experiences and eye-witness accounts of others, rather than reliance on literary works. This edition, by Arthur Golding, and not his son Percival as is sometimes thought, is a translation from Latin into English, although Froissart actually wrote his works in French.

An Epitome of Frossard, or, A Summarie Collection of the Most Memorable Histories Contained in His Chronicle, Chiefly Concerning the State of England and France: Complied in Latine by John Sleydane; and Translated into English by P. Golding (London: Thomas Purfoot, 1608) de Beer Eb 1608 F