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Cabinet 4: The Popish Plot

The Character of a Popish Successor.

Published anonymously, this pamphlet claims to be the second part to Elkanah Settle’s anti-Catholic pamphlet. In fact the author was John Phillips, nephew of John Milton, and he was employed by Titus Oates to pen the work in an effort to discredit Settle and his political stance. Although Phillips was later investigated for his involvement in the Popish Plot, he escaped punishment.

John Phillips, The Character of a Popish Successor, and What England May Expect From Such a One. Part the Second. Or the Dispute of the Succession Moderately Discuss’d upon the Considerations of National Practice, Reason, and the Statutes of the Realm. With Some Reflections upon Mr. L’Estrange’s (and Another) Answer to the First Part of the Character, &c. (London: Richard Janeway, 1681) de Beer Ec 1681 P