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Cabinet 6: Maps and Mapmakers

Sicilia Antiqua.

We tend not to think of cartographers as authors, but antiquary Philipp Clüver certainly blurred the distinction between the two in his books. Drawing extensively on the works of earlier writers and historians, Clüver compiled many books of “historical geography” about European countries, a field in which he is regarded as the founder. The example here is an examination of Sicily.

Philippi Cluverii ... Sicilia Antiqua, Ubi Primum Universae hujus insulae varia Nomina, Incolae, Situs, Figura, Magnitudo, tum Orientale Meridionale atque Septemtrionale Litora, dein Mediterranea ejus, ac Tandem Insulae Minores ei Adjacentes Variaque Plurium Locorum Memorabilia Solidissime Explicantur. (Lugduni Batavorum, sumptibus Petri Vander Aa 1723) Shoults Ld 1723 C