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Vitrine 2: Theories of Authorship

Theories of Authorship.

Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault were not the first to the consider authorship as a theoretical concept, but they certainly enlivened the debate. For Barthes, writing in 1968, ‘it is language which speaks, not the author.’ It is a dramatic move in which he calls for the preferencing of the text, understandable in this age of the cult of the author. Foucault, responding to Barthes in 1969, conceded ‘that all authors are writers, but not all writers are authors.’ Foucault’s analysis opened up the definition of authorship, to acknowledge the plethora of texts created today that we would not regard as authored. Barthes’ robust rejection, and Foucault’s careful construction of the author have continued to incite response and debate ever since.

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