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Maslin sdrawing

Dr Maslen has been the mainstay of this museum workshop at the University of Otago, gathering support for its establishment from University colleagues such as Professor Alan Horsman, then head of English, Jock McEldowney, then University Librarian, and local industry firms such as S. N. Brown Ltd., John McIndoe Ltd., Laing and Matthews, and the Otago Daily Times. Maslen is not only a dedicated print practitioner. He has also written about such practices, including his Samuel Richardson of London, printer: a study of his printing based on ornament use and business accounts (2001), The Bowyers Ledgers (1991), An Early London Printing House at Work (1993), and as co-editor of Book & print in New Zealand: a guide to print culture in Aotearoa (1997). He is also interested in other New Zealand topics such as Wise’s directories, the community libraries of early Otago, and early Dunedin printers. On display is an early photograph of Maslen operating the Columbian press, a 1969 portrait of him by the artist Els Noordhof, and his wedding invitation, printed in the Bibliography Room, 1968.

Keith Maslen by Els Noordhof, 1969