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Hotere-Maslen receipt

Hone Tuwhare’s Come Rain Hail (1970) was another publication that was jobbed out, yet carried the Bibliography Room imprint. The entire text was set on an IBM Selectric typewriter and printed offset at the University Registry. Ralph Hotere was again asked to do the cover; his charge - $10.00. Tuwhare’s response to the artist’s wizardry in creating ‘a superb orange circle on a purple thought-base’ is recorded in Hotere, a poem from the collection. The 1,000 card covers, creased in four places, cost $57.20 and were printed by the local firm of Coulls Somerville Wilkie Ltd. Also on display are receipts signed by Tuwhare and Hotere acknowledging payments received.

Receipt from Ralph Hotere to Keith Maslen, 9 July 1970