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Every printing house is by long established custom called a Chappel, and all the workmen that belong to it are members of the Chappel (Moxon). And there have always been rules and regulations to assist the orderly running of a print shop. Bowyers Chapel Rules, found by Dr Maslen in the course of his work on the 18th-century London printers William Bowyer (father and son), conveys something of the old ‘rules & orders’ in an 18th-century printing house. There was always a fear of fire, and a fine of sixpence (equivalent of about 2 hours work) was imposed for leaving a candle burning. Smooting or smouting is accepting casual work at another printing-house. This item was printed in 1976.

Bowyers Chapel Rules. Dunedin: Bibliography Room, University of Otago, 1976