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Although the Bibliography Room Register was formalized in 1967, there are some earlier entries, logged in for 1964. Visitors and users that year included Dennis McEldowney (1926-2003), writer and publisher, and brother of Jock McEldowney, the then University Librarian, Charles Brasch (1909-1973, poet and editor, Hardwicke Knight, photographer and writer, and Dr Roger Collins, University lecturer in Art History and French. Beside Collins’s name there is the note: ‘key returned. 22. 10. 64.’ Entries are still written in this book. After the exhibition ends, an archival copy will be made of the original which will ensure the survival of an important record of the Bibliography Room. Things come full circle. In 1974 Hotere used the presses to create his famous PINE sequence; in 2005 the first book form publication of PINE was completed (see cabinet 18).

Bibliography Room Register 1961-