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Societies Council

Three classes of work from the Bibliography Room presses can be distinguished: student exercises, works by New Zealand writers placed on sale (which students very often helped to produce), and pieces of jobbing printed for and by an interesting cross-section of the university community and a few outsiders. With the last, student participation has always been encouraged. Posters for student Balls (now an event of the past?) still had to convey the message, the more typographically inventively the better. Note Chris Elder’s restrained Larnach’s Castle poster of 1968 versus Bart Provo’s ‘inebriates and nymphs’ poster of 1969. Incidentally, the little flower girl block vanished long ago showing how irresistible she was in the hippy era pf the 1970s.

Societies Council Cultural Wine & Dance ticket, 5 July 1969