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The publications from the Bibliography Room have always formed part of an important outreach programme, and by sending them to individuals and institutions in New Zealand and overseas, they highlight the Room’s on-going activities. Such networking is vital. Over the years, recipients have included the Bodleian Library, the British Museum (Library), the Huntington Library (California), the Hocken, the Turnbull Library, the Harvard Library, and as displayed, the National Collection of Fine Arts at the Smithsonian Institution. Notable individual recipients have included the late Don MacKenzie, bibliographers Graham Pollard and Philip Gaskell, and American scholars James Osborn and Gordon Ray. Leo Bensemann, from The Caxton Press, was but one local supporter. As a designer par excellence, he had every right to make comment on the final copy.

Leo Bensemann to Keith Maslen, 28 March 1968