One result of the advent of print has been to make the varied delights of armchair travel available to a much wider audience.

This exhibition displays a selection of actual itineraries alongside invented accounts in order to discover what readers seek in their mental travels. Whether narrating pious pilgrimages, enlightenment voyages or exotic encounters, travel writing always aims to move readers (and to move books off the publisher's shelves).

These examples of the visual and verbal delights of the University's collections continue to fascinate us with their skewed perspectives, partial insights, and astounding energy.



21 June - 1 September 2002 ~ de Beer Gallery
Central Library, University of Otago
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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  15 January, 2003

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Detail: Salita al vesuvio. Sauvenirs de Naples. [Naples : s.n., 18--?] <