Cabinet 10

One hundred and fifty copies of Thea Scott’s Fingal’s Cave were produced by Toni Savage at Pandora Press, Leicester.

Fingal’s Cave.

With illustrations printed in two or more colours, this is considered one of illustrator Rigby Graham’s ‘happiest books’.

It was meant to be an edition of 250 copies. On the 67th printing, with sheets laid out to dry on the floor of an attic, the sun shone enough to hatch woodworm in the floor and overnight more than 100 sheets were peppered with holes. The sheet had a five-colour linocut on it, so because reprinting was impossible, the edition was halved.

This is an ‘out of series’ copy.

Thea Scott, Fingal’s Cave. Leicester, England: Toni Savage of the Pandora Press, 1961.

Fingal’s Cave.