Cabinet 11

In the past Clans Donald and MacLeod (who claim Viking roots) have dominated Skye, an island of about 639 square miles.

View of the Coast of Sleat, Isle of Skye.

Castles dot the landscape: Dunvegan – seat of the MacLeods since the 13th century; the much younger Armadale – now hosting the Clan Donald Centre; Knock (in ruins); Dunscaith – home of Queen Scáthach, the legendary Amazonian Queen of the Island of Skye; and Caisteal Maol – another ruin, but once the seat of Clan MacKinnon.

Virginia Woolf visited Skye in 1938. Part of her description read: ‘Remote as Samoa; deserted; pre-historic; no room for more.’

‘View of the Coast of Sleat, Isle of Skye’. From John Parker Lawson’s Scotland Delineated. London: Day and Son, 1858.