St. Andrews

Cabinet 15

This is the second edition of Robert Monteith’s Theater of Mortality, a compilation of funeral epitaphs taken from churchyards, monuments, and college grounds all over Scotland.

An Theater of Mortality.

After a stellar start as minister of Borgue, Monteith (d. 1719) fell from grace, losing his job because of ‘sundry very gross miscarriages’ and drunkenness. He then eked out a living as a publisher, making a name for himself with this work.

In it he reminded all ‘that you are Men; And tho’ you be called Gods, you must die…

On display are some epitaphs recorded at St Andrews.

Robert Monteith, An Theater of Mortality, or, A Further Collection of Funeral-inscriptions over Scotland. Edinburgh: Printed by the heirs and successors of Andrew Anderson, 1713.

An Theater of Mortality.