The Borders

Cabinet 2

The Battle of Flodden (or Flodden Field) was fought just over the border in Northumberland, near Branxton, on 9 September 1513.

Historical Tales of the Scotish Wars.

The English army was commanded by the Earl of Surrey. The invading Scots army was headed by King James IV, who was supporting the ‘Auld Alliance’ (begun in 1295) with France, who were then at war with the English. Victory on the day was to the English, with James IV killed on the battlefield.

Supposedly, there was a prophecy of this sad day in Scottish history. At the Mercat Cross in Edinburgh the Devil (Auld Clootie) predicted the battle and those destined to die. This edition, subtitled Embracing the Martial Achievements of Scotland, was a Latin Book Prize for John McGlashan in 1846.

Historical Tales of the Scotish Wars. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Printing & Publishing Company, [1839].