Loch Lomond

Cabinet 8

High mountains (Ben Nevis), deep blue lochs, and remote glens and wildlife evoke a picture-postcard scene of the Scottish Highlands, which are synonymous with Scotland.

David Sime (Compiler), The Edinburgh Musical Miscellany.

The tales of Rob Roy McGregor, fierce clan battles, and the traditional language of the area (Scottish Gaelic; A' GhĂ idhealtachd, meaning ‘the place of the Gaels’) add to the mosaic that are the Highlands. And there has always been romance, with many songs written about Highland lassies.

‘Highland Queen’ was composed by a ship’s purser named McVicar, who then gave it to Dr Thomas Blacklock, ‘the blind bard’, who then passed it to Robert Burns for use.

This first edition of Edinburgh Musical Miscellany contains melodies and words of 309 songs.

David Sime (Compiler), The Edinburgh Musical Miscellany: A Collection of the Most Approved Scotch, English, and Irish Songs, set to Music. Edinburgh: Printed [by Grant & Moir] for W. Gordon, [and 8 others], 1792.

David Sime (Compiler), The Edinburgh Musical Miscellany.