History of Ireland

Eriú, Éire, Banba, Elg(a), Fótla, Clár Coinn (plain of Conn), Gort Gaedheal (field of the Gaels), Inis Fáil (island of Fáil), and 'Hibernia' (or 'Scotia') are all names for Ireland. The 'Kingdom of Ireland' was officially established by the Irish parliament in June 1541 under 'the act for kingly title.' Up to then, it was usually designated 'land of Ireland' and although consisting of a number of smaller kingdoms, each containing tuatha (tribe or people) and ruled by a rī (king), there were five larger provincial kingdoms: Connacht, Leinster, Meath, Munster and Ulster. The famed Irish Uí NÉill dynasty evolved out of an association between Connacht and Ulster.

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