The Divine Services and Anthems

The Divine Services

The Irish are well-known for their musicality, and in ancient times professional harpists were honoured above all other musicians. Indeed, according to legend, it was a King David of Ireland that took the harp as arms for the country. The harp is the emblem of Ireland, and was depicted on very early Irish coins, used famously on the 'Erin go Bragh' (Ireland Forever) flag, and is now found in the seals of the President and other officials, the coat of arms, and euro coins. It is apt that the frontispiece to this compilation of chapel songs for England and Ireland shows pious King David playing his harp.

James Clifford (Compiler), The Divine Services and Anthems Usually Sung In His Majesties Chappell. 2nd ed. London: Printed by W. G. and ... sold by Nathaniel Brooke ... and Henry Brome, 1664. DeB Eb 1664 C

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