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Cabinet 10: Laura Riding

Epilogue: A Critical Summary.

Laura Riding, Epilogue: A Critical Summary. Vol. I. Deyá, Majorca: Seizin Press; London: Constable, 1936.

Controversial American poet and literary critic Laura Riding (1901-1991) was Graves’s companion and literary collaborator for 13 years.

One significant output of their collaboration was Epilogue (1935-1938), a critical magazine, where Riding was editor and Graves was associate editor.

Originally called ‘The Critical Vulgate’, the first sentence of ‘Preliminaries’ in this first volume sets the tone: ‘Critical examination, whatever the subject, must begin where there is most confusion; and with the simplest possible object – precision.’

Editions of this multi-volume Seizin Press publication are now scarce.