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Cabinet 12: Roman to American Tales

Antigua, Penny, Puce.

Robert Graves, Antigua, Penny, Puce. DeyĆ”, Majorca: Seizin Press; London: Constable, 1936.

Graves called Antigua, Penny, Puce, a

‘silly story which may come to nothing’.

Although regarded as a potboiler, this modern novel found friends

Philip Larkin enjoyed it, calling the tale of skulduggery surrounding a never-issued one penny puce-and-white stamp from Antigua as

‘unique among novels’ for ‘its variety of original invention, not to mention its humour’

Begun in February 1935, Graves used the work as an opportunity to extract higher royalties from Harrison Smith, his American publisher. This is the first English Seizin Press-Constable edition.