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Cabinet 16: Literature for Children

Two Wise Children.

Robert Graves, Two Wise Children. New York: Harlin Quist, 1966.

On 16 February 1961, Graves was appointed Oxford Professor of Poetry. The post increased his reputation and as did the obligatory lectures, which were all very successful, albeit controversial.

He was still crafting poetry, his main love. Other projects included the completion of Hebrew Myths (August 1962), an introduction to Idries Shah’s book The Sufis (1963), and Two Wise Children (1966), a children’s book illustrated by Ralph Pinto and published by Harlin Quist.

In the latter, magic is again the main theme, where Avis can do marvellous things like ride bareback on one foot, and balance a rake on her chin. Bill, her friend, is the only one privy to her secrets.