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Cabinet 18: Poetry

Poems about Love.

Robert Graves, Poems about Love. London: Cassell, 1969.

Poetry was Graves’s driving passion. In The White Goddess he had maintained that the main theme of poetry was

‘the relations of man and woman, rather than those of man and man.’

He was well suited for love, and being in love. While war poems began his poetic career, he is now better known for his love poetry, a field that not only transcends time, space and circumstance, but also encompasses mystery, ecstasy, magic, madness, and folly.

In his lifetime, he produced 48 individual poetry titles, from Over the Brazier (1916) to New Collected Poems (1977). His out-put was prolific, given that he also wrote numerous other works.

____, Ann at Highwood Hall: Poems for Children.

Robert Graves, Collected Poems, 1975. London: Cassell, 1975.