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Cabinet 5: Influences

Georgian Poetry, 1911-1912.

Edward Marsh, editor, Georgian Poetry, 1911-1912. London: Poetry Bookshop, 1917.

As a teacher and mentor, George Mallory introduced Graves to a wide array of writers including George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells and Rupert Brooke. Mallory (who would die attempting to climb Everest) also introduced Graves to Edward Marsh, patron of artists and writers.

With Harold Monro (of The Poetry Bookshop), Marsh collated numerous issues of the anthology Georgian Poetry and published contributions by Brooke, John Drinkwater, John Masefield, James Flecker, Walter de la Mare, D. H. Lawrence, and later, Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and Graves.

Without doubt Graves would have agreed with Dunsany’s sentiment in this particular issue:

‘the artificer in ideas is the chief of workers.’