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Cabinet 9: Siegfried Sassoon

The Great War…‘I was there!’

The Great War…‘I was there!’ Undying Memories of 1914-1918. Edited by Sir John Hammerton. Vol. II. 4 July 1916 to 22 October 1917. London: The Amalgamated Press Ltd, [1938].

Like Graves, Sassoon was asked to provide copy for the publication The Great War…‘I was there!’ At the Front, ‘Mad Jack’ Sassoon was both brave and foolhardy.

He captured a German trench in the Hindenburg Line and scattered some 60 German soldiers with grenades; he commanded successful night raids and bombing patrols; and he proved an exemplary model to his men.

On one occasion he sat in a German trench and read a book of poems which he had with him. Sassoon was awarded the Military Cross in July 1916 ‘for conspicuous gallantry.’ He was later (unsuccessfully) recommended for the Victoria Cross.