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Pulp & Vintage Paperback Resources

Pulp & Vintage Paperback Resources.

M. A. Collins and G. Hagenauer, Men’s Adventure Magazines in Postwar America: the Rich Oberg Collection. Koln ; Los Angeles: Taschen, 2004; Sin-a-rama: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties. Edited by Brittany A. Daley. Los Angeles: Feral House, 2005; High Adventure. Number 73. Edited by John P. Gunnison. Silver Spring, Md.: Adventure House, 2003; Graeme Flanagan, The Australian Vintage Paperback Guide. New York: Gryphon Books, 1994; Gary Lovisi, Dames, Dolls & Delinquents: a Collector’s Guide to Sexy Pulp Fiction Paperbacks. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 2009; Piet Schreuders, The Book of Paperbacks. London: Virgin Books, 1981; Grant Geissman, Foul Play!: The Art and Artists of the Notorious 1950s E.C. Comics!  New York: Harper Design, 2005; It’s a Man’s World: Men’s Adventure Magazines, the Postwar Pulps. Edited by Adam Parfrey. Los Angeles, Calif.: Feral House, 2003.

Bibliographies of paperbacks are extremely useful in identifying dates, authors and their pseudonyms, and the total output of various pulp publishers. Graeme Flanagan’s work on Australian pulps, and Piet Schreuders’s effort in identifying American paperbacks are both ground-breaking publications. Here they are surrounded by the rich variety of books on paperbacks and their developments: the sexy, the adventurous, the art and artistry involved in producing covers, and even guides to costs of such collectibles.

*full call references are in the ‘Pulp Fiction’ hand-list.


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