Scholarly Favourites


Who uses Special Collections? And why? And what research results emanate from physically examining books and manuscripts? These questions formed the basis of the forthcoming exhibition, beginning on 10 June 2016, at the de Beer Gallery, Special Collections, University of Otago. The exhibition, entitled Scholarly Favourites. Researching in Special Collections, reveals a variety of readers, and an equally wide variety of books and manuscripts used. In most cases the item was used for research; in others the item was a pure favourite, a work that resonated with the reader's sense of being. The book or manuscript had become important to them.

Each reader was asked to contribute 150 words on 'their' chosen book; the exhibition: Scholarly Favourites. Researching in Special Collections is the result.

The items selected were from the diverse collections within Special Collections: Brasch, de Beer, Shoults, Truby King, Pulp & Science Fiction, Monro, and Stack. Notable items include Albinus's spectacular Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani (1747); Augustus Hamilton's The Art Workmanship of the Maori Race in New Zealand (1901); Johannes Wolleb's Compendium Theologiae Christianae (1642); Gregory M. Mathews's Supplement to The Birds of Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands and the Australasian South Polar Quadrant (1928); the scurrilous Alvin Purple (1974); and Egypt and the Sudan: Handbook for Travellers (1929). Please enjoy what others have researched and enjoyed.


The Hereford World Map. A Transcription of the Legends with Commentary
Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani
The Tower
A Collection of Poems: Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors
Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ Gentis Anglorum Libri V
The Poetical Works of John Keats
The Art Workmanship of the Maori Race in New Zealand
Tuatara: Biology and Conservation of a Venerable Survivor
A Text-book of Zoology
Letter from Thomas Jeffery Parker to William Aitcheson Haswell
The Gentleman's Magazine. Vol. I
Compendium Theologiæ Christianæ
The Complete Works of John Milton. Volume VIII: De Doctrina Christiana. Part I
Alexandria: A History and a Guide
Alexandria: A History and a Guide
Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne; ou, Description Exacte des Palais de la Reine, et des Maisons les plus considerables des Seigneurs et des Gentilshommes de la Grande Bretagne
Cultivating Myths: Fiction, Fact & Fashion in Garden History
China: in a Series of Views, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture and Social Habits of that Ancient Empire
A Relation of a Iourney begun an: Dom: 1610….Containing a Description of the Turkish Empire, of Ægypt, of the Holy Land, of the Remote Parts of Italy, and Ilands adioyning
A Supplement to the Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands to which is added those Birds of New Zealand not figured by Buller
The Book of Songs
New Zealand Design Review. Vol. 3, no. 4
New Zealand Design Review, No.3
Return to My Native Land
A Treasury of New Zealand Verse
Of Education: Especially of Young Gentlemen.
The Harmony, Chronicle and Order of the New-Testament
The Westminster Magazine; or, The Pantheon of Taste
The Botany of the Antarctic Voyage of H.M. Discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the years 1839-1843
Mirabilia Urbis Romae
Laster und Leidenschaft
Alvin Purple
Alvin Purple
Sweet Sammy is Dead!
Reliquiæ Baxterianæ: or, Mr. Richard Baxter's Narrative of the Most Memorable Passages of his Life and Times
The Dunciad. With Notes Variorum, and the Prolegomena of Scriblerus
Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present
'Le Festin de Pierre' in Les oeuvres ...
Le Costume Historique: Types Principaux du Vétement et de la Parure
Le Costume Historique: Types Principaux du Vétement et de la Parure
The Costume History
The History of St. Pauls Cathedral in London, from its Foundation untill these times
Things Japanese: Being Notes on Various Subjects Connected with Japan for the Use of Travellers and others
[Antiquitates Veronensiae]
Watt. 'Traveller's Companion' edition
Health for the Māori: A Manual for Use in Native Schools
Love's Revenge: A Dramatic Pastoral
Bible. Galatians 4:9
Printing with the Handpress: Herewith a Definitive Manual to Encourage Fine Printing through Hand-craftsmanship
Egypt and the Sudan: handbook for travellers