Keeping New Zealand Green

Keeping New Zealand Green

In 1992, Dr Ali Memon, now Professor of Environmental Management at Lincoln University, sent his manuscript 'Keeping New Zealand Green' through to the Press offices for consideration. It was a significant submission in that it was the first book that Wendy Harrex, the newly arrived editor, did for UOP. In his 1983 Publications Committee report, McEldowney wrote on how both proposals and manuscripts came to the Press: vague ideas to impeccable typescripts. Harrex was fortunate in that Memon's 198 paged script required so little editing.

P. Ali Memon, 'Keeping New Zealand Green. Recent Environmental Reforms', Typescript, 1992


In June 1993, GP Print of Wellington sent through a quote specifying quantity: 500 copies; size: 235 x 155 mm; pages 176; ink - black; text paper (90 gsm offset) and text cover (240 gsm chromocard); and binding - burst bound. The total cost including GST was $4,154.62; a unit cost of $8.30. Obviously happy with the quote, Harrex sent off a fax confirming the Press's order, but increasing the print run to 600 copies, with 30 extra covers on card and 100 extra covers on paper. Memon's book was printed by GP Print in late 1993. Here is the first proof copy.

P. Ali Memon, 'Keeping New Zealand Green. Recent Environmental Reforms', first proof copy.


The finished product - from manuscript to published book. Jenny Cooper designed the cover for the Press.

P. Ali Memon, Keeping New Zealand Green. Recent Environmental Reforms (1993).

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