The Gorse Blooms Pale Made for Weather

The Gorse Blooms Pale

Poet and typographer Robert Bringhurst once wrote: 'Yet we know that, to be real, a book must be more than a physical object. What makes the tangible form of a book rewarding is that it stands for an intangible reality alive in the heart and mind.' It is this sort of notion that drives a good book designer, one who is charged with dressing a book for success. Components the designer must consider are margins, text area, page proportions, title-page, typeface selection, placement of illustrations, and a myriad of other aspects that make up a book. Jenny Cooper's design of Dan Davin's short stories, with her own commissioned illustration for the cover, is spot on. This applies equally to Fiona Moffat's eye-catching design of Cooke's Made for Weather.

The Gorse Blooms Pale. Dan Davin's Southland Stories. Edited by Janet Wilson (Jenny Cooper, 2007); Kay McKenzie Cooke, Made for Weather (Fiona Moffat, 2007).

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