Maori Oral Literature

Agathe Thornton

Rather than dabble in the technical side of printing, John McIndoe relished designing the early UOP books. Other designers followed. Indeed, in the 1980s, a few titles were designed by students of the Design Department, then part of the School of Consumer and Applied Science. The cover for Agathe Thornton's Maori Oral Literature was but one, with the idea originally conceived by Ngaire Gardner. Helen Watson White, editor of UOP from 1988 to 1992, also had some design input. Along with Tony Ralph, she formatted Heather Murray's Double Lives (1990), using a painting of Katherine Mansfield by Sally Burton. And Dr Mark Stocker had to navigate past Mark Winstanley's noisy Norfolk terriers to view the design progress on his book on Shurrock, a work partly funded by Creative New Zealand. Winstanley continues to design, doing work for the Journal of New Zealand Art History.

Agathe Thornton, Maori Oral Literature as Seen by a Classicist (Ngaire Gardner, 1987); Heather Murray, Double Lives. Women in the Stories of Katherine Mansfield (Tony Ralph and Helen Watson White, 1990); Mark Stocker, Francis Shurrock. Shaping New Zealand Sculpture (Mark Winstanley, 2000).


Double Lives
Francis Shurrock


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